Tangled up in stats

Another milestone is approaching with the official “provisional” figures. The combined opposition forces of the CUD and the UEDF are now just six seats away from claiming a third of the House of People’s Representatives. (They need more than 182 seats for this).

With a third of the seats, they would for the first time be able to table their own bills and initiate their own debates. They could also block major moves like changes to the constitution (which needs a two-thirds majority according to that same constitution).

Of course everything is still up in the air at the moment. The CUD and the UEDF still claim that they have won the full election. The National Election Board is currently looking into allegations of voting irregularities in more than 200 constituencies, based on complaints made by all sides. The elections in the Somali region (with their 23 seats) won’t start until August. And there are still 14 official results to come in from the May 15 count.

But it is still a milestone worth marking.

I had an interesting interview with Beyene Petros of the UEDF about this, as part of an article for IPS. I will post his quotes as soon as it is published.

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